Where to Find Cool Art and How to Frame It

When I was younger, I thought art was a little weird. I just remember associating art with the renaissance era, although beautiful just not my jam. Fast forward to my college years, I visited many museums while living in DC and traveled to New York to visit the famous Guggenheim museum. Again, so very cool but the art was still a little outside my taste.

I thought there was no hope but what I realized is, you just need to find art that “speaks to you”. I never really knew what that meant until I started to experience it. I love a good landscape, vintage pieces, earthy colors, and framed items that are necessarily paintings or photographs but physical items.

Just recently, I found a piece of art that “spoke to me”.

We were in Sheridan, WY and I went shopping in my favorite store, Jackalope Mercantile (if you are in Sheridan you have to go to this sweet store). We walked into the door and she was in all her glory “speaking to me”!  Her name is “Butterfly Ranger”…I just love her.


butterfly ranger


Side Note on Framing

I can’t go on with this post without sharing with you my framing secret. Framebridge is one of my favorite places to have art framed. It is extremely easy and not crazy expensive.

How it works…

UPLOAD-You upload your art or a picture of your art so you can try out the different mats and frames.

DECIDE-You then pick your frame and mat.

SHIPPING-How do you want to send your art…they can send you a prepaid postage label and you can ship yourself or they can send you a flat or tube with a postage label to send your art back.

FRAMING-They get to work framing your art.

ENJOY-Your masterpiece is then shipped back to you in the framing of your choice. Easy!


My Favorite Places to Search for Art Online

I love stumbling upon art in a cute store but the reality is…life is busy.

So…I thought I would share with you some of my favorite places to hunt for art online.


North and Finch

North Prints

Krista Kim Studio

Heirloom Lane Co. 

The Poster Club

Vintage Supply

Collection Prints

Society 6

Art Finder

1st Dibs


I would love to see your favorite piece of art! Send me a picture or let me know where you like to shop for art!



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