What Moms Really Want for Mother’s Day


Mother’s Day is soon approaching and if I am being honest…it is one of my favorite weekends in the whole year! Years ago, my family started the tradition of granting me a weekend of “mom projects”. So whatever project I want to tackle, everyone chips in.


Past projects have included: building an outdoor picnic table, planters for my front door, a garden, a kid’s playhouse, and last year (which carried into the rest of the year and is still not complete)…the greenhouse project.


Family Dinner in our greenhouse (not yet complete)


I love a good project and this is a great excuse to mark some of the things off the list.


So whether or not you want to have a “Mother’s Day Project” weekend or not, I put together a few other “out of the box” Mother’s Day ideas. 


What Moms Really Want for Mother’s Day

Family Time

In the world of busy, sometimes it is nice to just have planned time with the family. Whether that is going to a movie, having a picnic, going to dinner, or 1 on 1 kid time with each kid…spending quality time fills a mom’s heart.

Side Note: I think it would be lovely if the family planned this so the mom could just enjoy the experience and not have to plan it out. Speaking from the family planners’ perspective. 


It is the little things that matter these days and having a little help or pampering is always welcomed.

Some services that I think every mom would love…

  • Car detailing
  • Massage
  • Nails
  • House Cleaning
  • Maybe someone does the grocery shopping for the week or cooking…an idea that maybe wouldn’t take extra funds to do.

Time for Herself

We love our families but who wouldn’t love a little time to themselves?! A few ideas….

  • A Few Hours Alone Reading: This seriously sounds like a dream.
  • Day Without Kids: No guilt included- just a day to herself would be special.
  • Hotel Night with Late Checkout: This sounds so luxurious, but a night out at a cute boutique hotel does sound fabulous.
  • Friend Day: Brunch, dinner, or a day out shopping.
  • Date Night with No Decisions: I love this idea where no planning from the gal is involved.

Help With the Garden

I love this time of year because it is a sign of the end of a long winter and nicer weather to come (unless we get a Mother’s Day storm). What better way to start a new season than by starting a garden? I always love going to shop for plants on Mother’s Day and then spending time with the family getting the beds ready and planting. 

Classes and Activities

I don’t often think of these things but how fun would it be to receive a gift to a class you have been wanting to try? This could be a new workout class, art class, pottery class, cooking class, or even building a custom purse for yourself like with our friends at Alexis Drake


There you have it friends…if you need some ideas for the moms, grandmas, guardians, or aunts in your life. 


And if you are a mom…what is your ideal gift?! I would love to know! 


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