Help me decide on the wallpaper for our powder bath!


I have had several samples of wallpaper hanging up in our powder bath for over two weeks! Guests have commented on my strange art taped to the wall :).

Is anyone else just enamored with all the beautiful wallpaper out on the market these days!?

I remember going through wallpaper books back in the day with my mom. I loved flipping through all the different options and dreamt of choosing my own wallpaper one day (I did choose a lovely pink ballerina bear trim wallpaper for my room when I was younger 🙂 )

Maybe you have flashbacks of days removing wallpaper so the thought of doing wallpaper again makes you a little hot and sweaty.

Either way, I am embracing it. I will wallpaper and figure out removal later if the day comes where I am just sick of it.

There are a few different options of wallpaper and I have used the majority of them.

Peel and stick

Peel-and-stick wallpaper comes with adhesive on the back that requires no activation. Peel off a protective backing and it’s ready to stick to your wall.

Zoey’s wallpaper in her room was a peel and stick wallpaper. It was harder to work with than the other wallpaper types. The pattern repeat was annoying as we wasted a lot of wallpaper because “the birds” only happened so often. The peel and stick itself would stretch and if you attached it to the wall, you couldn’t just slide it around you would have to lift it off again to re-align.


Zoey’s Wallpaper

Non-pasted: Non-woven or paste-the-wall Backing

With this backing, you apply paste to the wall like paint, then stick the wallpaper on top. Non-woven papers can be applied this way because the backing material doesn’t shrink once it’s wet.

Non-pasted: Paste-the-Paper Backing

This is the most traditional type. You apply the paste to the wallpaper, not the wall, because this type of backing will contract slightly once the paste is applied.

We used this type of wallpaper in our Moose project on the dressing rooms. I absolutely loved this paper and it was so easy to work with!


Wallpaper at the Old Moose Project

Pre-Pasted Backing

This has chemicals on the back you wet to activate the paste. The tricky part is not saturating the wall-paper too much. This is the only type I have yet to use.

Now…help me decide on a wallpaper for our powder bath!

Which Wallpaper Should I Use


I have loved Kelly Ventura’s wallpapers for quite some time. She is an amazing watercolor artist and I love how natural her designs are.

Kelly Ventura’s Wallpaper

1. Cosmo’s Wallpaper in Indigo

2. Meadow Wallpaper in Blue

3. Farm Weeds Wallpaper in Forest

I also adore Morris and Co. Wallpaper! High quality designer wallpaper with some amazing prints.

4. Morris Bellflowers

5. Pimpernel in Bayleaf/Manilla

6. Pimpernel in Ink with Mcgee and Co

Help me decide which wallpaper would look the best in this small space! Reply down below 🙂

Thank you so much for your help! I can’t wait to share this project with you!



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