The Old Moose

Retail Space Design

Exterior of 'The Old Moose Press' white building facade.
Brick storefront with bench and flowerpots.
White building exterior with sidewalk seating area.
Vintage wooden theater seats in row.
Rustic dining room with brick wall and vintage decor.
Vintage diner interior with leather booth and marble tables.
Cozy industrial style cafe interior with brick wall.
Vintage leather booth in rustic brick-walled cafe.
Cozy cafe interior with menu board and counter.
Interior of cozy cafe with brick wall
Clothing rack with garments in boutique interior.
Vintage boutique interior with hats and mirrors.
Vintage clothing boutique interior with exposed brick walls.
Boutique interior with clothes racks and rustic decor.
Jewelry organizer with hanging necklaces and earrings.
Assorted denim jeans on wooden shelves.
Folded jeans displayed on wooden shelves.
Assorted leather belts on display rack in store.
Rolled towels and red boots on wooden shelf.
Assorted leather purses on display shelf.
Industrial pipe clothing rack with garments.
Vintage clothing store interior with hats and mirror.
Vintage drawer with books and bowties.
Children's clothing on hangers against white brick wall.
Cozy boutique interior with plants and handmade crafts.
Boutique interior with clothes and display of colorful wallets.
Wooden card catalog with open drawers and books.
Cozy boutique interior with clothes and accessories.
Vintage stemware on wooden shelf in boutique shop.
Eclectic boutique interior with various items on shelves.