The “Not So 90’s Anymore” Design Plan

We finished the design on a dream project and I am sharing the floor plan with you today! (I will be rolling out the rest of the design over the weeks to come).

Last year, I was designing a home a block away and every time I would leave that house I would circle the block.  On the corner was this beautiful two story brick home. I always thought to myself…it would be wonderful to get to design that home some day.

Well…what do you know! One weekend I received an inquiry from the lovely home owners that they were looking to update the first floor of this beautiful custom home built in the 90’s. (It is funny how things work out and I am just so grateful for this opportunity!)

What I am also loving about this neighborhood in Cheyenne, WY is the back history that is tied to my husbands family. His great grandfather Earl Vandehei had owned this land and was passed down to the family. It was later developed with these truly beautiful custom homes that you do not see much of today.

AND to make the history even more fun, the contractor and subcontractors I am working with on the job are the dream team of all  contractors and all went to school with my husbands late father. They are all a hoot and just love their craft so much that they continue to do it into their 70’s.

Anywho…I am just tickled pink over here as to how everything is turning out.

The Design

As you can imagine, a 90’s home is chalked full of orange oak, cheesy gold, and tile backsplashes galore. Not only that…the floor plans were very chopped up and don’t make a lot of functional sense. So…the first step to the design process if figuring out the floor plan.

The Floor Plan Dilemma

Client Wants

Re-working the Kitchen for better storage and functionality
A Pantry Space
Two living rooms
What to do with the large “billards room”
An office for two as they both work from home occasionally
A mudroom off the garage and laundry moved upstairs

Existing Floor Plan

As you can see, there are a lot of rounded corners and angles embraced in the 90’s design. There is a great footprint with the plan but we just need to do some reconfiguring to make it want they want and function better.



Floor plan


Proposed Floor Plan

In the proposed floor plan, we are taking out majority of those rounded corners and angles to square things up. This will help make the spaces square and more functional. We are stealing their existing dining room for the new addition of the pantry and moving the billards room “east” wall in to square this space up. This also helped with the dilemma of getting more light into the front Den because we were able to steal a window from the billards room here.

Another space we are stealing from is the first floor bathroom. We took out the shower in this bathroom to make a 1/2 bath and added space to the office. The other big change is utilizing their current laundry room for a mudroom and moving the laundry upstairs to a bedroom so they no longer need to trek clothes up and down the stairs.

The kitchen was reconfigured and we included a rounded island end to play off the rounded breakfast nook area. We went with a range alcove for a showstopper scene in the kitchen as well as a column fridge and freezer (which I secretly want myself).



In the weeks to follow, I will be rolling out the design of each of the different spaces. I appreciate you following along with this project!


Stay tuned…


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