The Mudroom Checklist

As we gear up for calving season I have been pondering how in the world can we better optimize our mudroom. The mudroom is the hardest working room in our house. It serves as the drop zone for coats, shoes, backpacks, tools, winter accessories, and about everything else that enters and exits the home.

There are some things that I love about our mudroom and some things I am looking to change. As everything, they always say you need to build a second home after you work out all the kinks from the first one. But since we will be in this house until our children kick us out…here is my ultimate checklist for a mudroom.

A “dog washing” station

Dog peeking from white tiled kitchen sink.
Photo Source- Stagg Design


I don’t care if you don’t have dogs…this little shower area is essential to dumping mop buckets, hosing down dogs and kids, washing off muddy boots…you name it. For our shower, my only regret is not making it a little bigger as our dog is a Bernese Mountain dog and it is a tight squeeze for her to fit. So I think the size just depends on your lifestyle.

A place to hang coats right when you open the door

Cozy entryway with boots and hanging clothing.


This seems like a silly thing but ours does not have a coat hanger right by the door and it is a big pain point for us. We find ourselves walking across the room with muddy/snowy shoes to dump our coats before we get the rest of the layers off. So make sure you put some type of coat hanger by the door.

A Sink

Elegant black kitchen sink with brass faucet.


Having a sink of some sort in the mudroom is a must. I know you have a water source with the “dog washing” station but there are times you need to wash dirty hands, paint brushes, etc. A sink is definitely a must (don’t forget a place to dry hands and hand soap).

Lockers and Closed Storage

Elegant white paneled wardrobe with gold handles in room
Photo Source: Alex Adamson Design

Having lot’s of closed storage to put away all the utility items and mess. This includes enclosed lockers for each individuals outerwear items. I will say, having the lockers vented is a game changer to keep good air flow in those things so they don’t get stinky. In addition, thinking thru what you store in the mudroom and having a place for everything.

Again…this is a pain point for us. We have a closed off closet (that is constantly a mess) with all the utility items such as light bulbs, batteries, tools…anything you can imagine, and it is a constant unorganized mess.

Mudroom Bench

Elegant mudroom with herringbone floor and built-in cabinets.


Having a bench of some kind is so handy for putting shoes on or sitting items on as you come into the house. This bench can be built-in or freestanding. We prefer to do a built-in bench with storage underneath.



Traditional entryway with bench and coat hooks.


We always specify durable tiles or brick for mudrooms. Ensuring that the tile is not slick and has some texture for gripping. For the walls, we really love doing a bead-board on the walls for durability. This is where we went wrong in our own mudroom. We went with drywall and the drywall just does not hold up for the everyday wear and tear.


Powder Room Nearby

Elegant bathroom with patterned tile floor and wall art.
Photo Source- Chris Loves Julia

It is always nice to have a bathroom nearby! This helps keep people from tracking across the house from outside. I of course would just carry the durable materials through to the powder room.


Washer and Dryer

Elegant modern laundry room design with appliances and decor.


I love having a set of washer and dryer in the mudroom to launder all the really dirty items that come in from the ranch. We have another set of washer and dryer upstairs that we utilize for our nicer clothes and leave the mudroom set for the heavy duty loads.

Note…do not sit the washer and dryer right by the door you open. Again…this is something we will be changing in the future.

Here is our rough draft of how we will re-organize the mudroom. We will add in built-ins on the dog washing wall as well for extra storage and maybe close off the washer and dryer (haven’t decided yet) but this is a good start.

Architectural floor plan showing entry, kitchen, and laundry room.


What are some wishes or things you have for your mudroom that you love?!



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