The “Man Cave” Project

I have had the delight working with a couple on the “Man Cave” Project. It has been a balance to include each of their priorities in the space. We just presented the design to them both and now I can’t wait to share the design with you all!

Space Priorities

A Floor Plan to include:

  • A Seating Area
  • Pool Table
  • A Bar Area
  • A Place for his Safe’s and Dart Board
  • A Drop Zone
  • Space for the Peloton Bike

Durable but Beautiful Finishes

Better Lighting for Their Art

The Mood Board

Traditional interior design elements collage.

The Design

The Seating Area

The client wanted an area where guests could sit and enjoy their time by the fire. They originally had thought that they couldn’t have both a bar area and a sitting area but we were able to provide two seating areas.

Cozy living room interior with fireplace, furnishings, and artwork.

Cozy living room interior with fireplace and modern decor.

The Bar

The bar area was a priority as they enjoy entertaining. This space was perfect for an “L” shaped bar.

Cozy modern home bar with fireplace and seating area.


The Built-In’s and Billiards Area

The safe’s and dart board were originally “floating” on a wall by themselves. I had an idea of creating a built-in around these to disguise them and make the space more functional. We also wanted to create a drop zone for all of their outer gear and equipment. Plus…we added in a cigar humidor on the wall behind the bar table and chair set as the client is a collector of cigars.

Modern home game room with billiards table and dartboard.


There you have it! The “Man Cave” Project.

What are your thoughts?

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