Should we do cafe curtains in our bathroom?

When we built our home almost 9 years ago…yikes…how has it been 9 years already?! The Joanna Gaines white tile with dark grout was really in. Needless to say…I followed the trend hard and did just that in our master bathroom.


Fast forward 9 years, an interior design education and reps put in….this wasn’t the smartest move on my part. It just feels like a stark, overly bleached bathroom lacking character.


So instead of spending money ripping out all the tile and redoing it…I am adding some easy touch-ups to make it more interesting. You can see my mood board below.


Master Bathroom Mood Board


Interior design mood board for master bathroom renovation.


With this…I am dreaming of adding in cafe curtains to the window above our tub. We have no neighbors only cows peeking in through that window but if we ever have guests on the back porch…they could definitely see inside our bathroom window.

I thought the cafe curtains would be just the ticket. It would provide privacy but also allow for natural sunlight to illuminate the space.

Little side note: Cafe curtains were invented so that the street-level cafe eaters would have some privacy from onlookers, the chilly cold would be reduced, and yet it would stay easy to open/close and not block all the natural light since the top is open. How handy is that?! 


Cafe Curtain


I haven’t decided if I should go a neutral, block print, or a solid green color. I need your thoughts…reply to me below to give me insight based on my mood board!

Thank you for your thoughts and help!



P.S….don’t mind the box of bath toys 🤣

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  1. So cute! I love the tub! I think color or pattern. But everything in my color palette is beige, white, or black, so I am trying to go out of my box, too!

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