Our Living Room Spruce-Up

Good day! I don’t know if anyone else is in the mood of completely changing things up in your home but I am! I have even gone as far as playing around with different layouts and an addition 不. Poor Kyle…he doesn’t know quite what to do with me but he always entertains my ideas to keep me pacified.

I have been dreaming up a better layout for our living room for quite a while because I hate when we have guests over and there isn’t enough space for seating. Here are a few things I am pondering…

The Angled Fireplace

First up…don’t ever put in an angled fireplace or wood burning stove in your room. It really makes furniture layouts a challenge as you would never arrange the furniture around the fireplace at an angle. Make the fireplace the focal point if that is what you want. This is my current struggle. We put our wood burning stove at an angle in the room which just A) takes up a lot of space and B) makes the furniture arranging really tricky.

Taking My Prized Cabinet Out

This breaks my heart a bit as I absolutely love the antique seed cabinet in our living room. This prized possession came from an antique shop in Wichita, Kansas. The kind man drove this 12′ cabinet all the way to Wyoming for me. This cabinet has served it’s purpose for extra storage to stuff things but it just takes up so much space.

So I am thinking of relocating it elsewhere so we can situate a sofa on that wall. We will be calling in an army to move it as the cabinet is so darn heavy!

The TV is leaving

We cancelled our Dish Network over a year ago because we just don’t watch tv much. We will watch an occasional movie together on the weekend or follow the Buffalo Bills but it just doesn’t happen often. So…we are going to utilize the tv on the third floor and get rid of the tv in the living room altogether.

I know this seems a bit drastic but I really want the living room to be focused around conversation and gathering. Not around a tv. Have I mentioned I dislike tv’s above mantels?! This is another topic for another day.

Insert…A Giant Tree, More Lamps, and Side Tables

So…what will I be adding instead…

A Giant Tree

A Giant Tree in a fun giant planter. When I owned the stores, I had bought a large Fiddle leaf Fig tree and temporality housed him in our home until the store opened. It made me realize how much I love having a large tree in our house. So I have been shopping for another giant tree and cool planter…this is the one I am eyeing…a giant antique limestone trough.

Ancient stone olive presses outdoors
Olive and Atliers- Limestone Trough

More Lamps

I want the option to be able to turn on soft lighting at night and not the overhead lights. I think lamps give off a beautiful glow at night that is so beautiful. I mean…who doesn’t look more beautiful under the glow of a lamp?!

Side tables

We currently have one side table in our living room and when guests are over, we are always pulling up an object for them to sit their drink on…awkward. So I would love to have a side table next to each sitting area for ease of putting things down. This is a standard in all of our designs and I just haven’t made the effort in our home.

Did I mention Foot Stools

I also want to incorporate two little foot stools that can act as more seating or can be moved around to put feet up on. This has been an area of disagreement between Kyle and I. He has always loved a beloved recliner and I refuse to have one in our living room. (If you would have seen the one he had when we were first married you would understand). So…I am compromising by having plenty of things to put your feet up on.

And because I am a visual human…we did a render of what I am thinking for the Living Room. What do you think?

Cozy living room interior with natural light and furnishings.
Render of the Kilty Living Room

As always…thank you for reading my weekly rambling!




PS…did you know that we can help you design and render a room you have been struggling with? Just reply to this email or fill out our inquire form on our website.

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