Our Design Process

We are all about systems over here at Taryn Kilty Design. I mean, why make life harder if it doesn’t need to be…am I right?!

And when you are remodeling or building new…there are approximately 5,000,309 decisions that need to be made…insert our well thought out design process.

Step 1- Onboarding and the Initial Visit

Think of it as meeting a new friend that you just click with. You meet for coffee, talk about your dreams for your project, and give us all the details!

Step 2- Design Concept and Presentation

This is the step that most people think about with designing a project. We first present to you a “mood board” and initial concepts for your design. This really solidifies our North Star for the design and ensures we are on the right road.

Next up…we get down to work! We spend hours designing, planning, and sourcing all the perfect items for your project! We then present these items to you in two separate presentations.

1st Presentation-Hard Surfaces Presentation

This is the meat and potatoes of the design. We will meticulously go through the design of every part of your home. From elevation drawings  and renderings of each of your rooms, to tile, paint, flooring, hardware and lighting choices…no detail will be missed.

We will then present to you these selections (in person so you can touch and feel all selections), make any revisions necessary and then get final approval.

Construction Binder Creation

After selecting the hard surfaces, project layout, and all the details…we will work to put together a handy-dandy binder with all the information. This will then be handed to you and the general contractor.  This binder is the bible for your project and includes every….single…detail to make sure we are all on the same page and your dream home turns out exactly how you wanted.

2nd Presentation- Furnishings Selection

Next up…furniture selection time. We will use your current pieces you would like to keep + source any additional furniture- including fabrics and finishes- that will complete your project look! We will then present all selections to you for approval.

Step 3- Ordering/Tracking/Receiving

The not so exciting part of design but without it…things would fall through the cracks. Once we have all the approvals, we will order, track, and receive (and inspect) all pieces coming into our warehouse. Every week, you will receive an email from us with an easy to read spreadsheet of all the orders and the status of each order. This gives you peace of mind that everything will arrive on time and in good quality.

Taryn Kilty design Process

Step 4- Design Implementation and Site Visits

Communication is the secret sauce to every design! We have unfortunately found out the hard way (never assume they will read the binder) and now go above and beyond to communicate the design with the general contractor and tradesmen. This also includes consistent site visits to ensure the design is being carried out the way we intended.

Step 5- Installation

AKA…Christmas day! This is our absolute favorite day! It is when all the furniture is delivered and we place each piece, make each bed, and style the project to perfection. Then…in a perfect world…we imagine inviting you in for the grand reveal…just like your very own television show reveal. 😃

Taryn Kilty design Process

There you have it folks! Our highly obsessive 5 step process so that your project is carried out like a dream!


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