My Project List for 2024

I have always been a project gal. There is something so satisfying about imagining what could be and then seeing it all come together before your very eyes (and hard-work). It must be the visionary in me that I can blame…my poor husband.

If you happen to see Kyle out and about…maybe don’t mention the project list. 🙂 

Let’s get into it…

My Project List for 2024

(let’s be honest…this list will roll into the next 5 years)

Let’s get the biggies out of the way as these projects are in the process now and we need to finish these first before anything else.

Kyle’s Shop

Kyle’s shop is coming right along. They are starting to install the siding now which will be painted the traditional barn red to match the other outer structures on the ranch. We have been shopping for garage doors and windows for both structures (mine included) but we haven’t had great luck. I want the new structures to feel like they have been here for 100’s of years so it is tricky balancing the New with the Old look.

For example, you wouldn’t see an old barn sporting a huge garage door. I had originally thought, we insert a garage door but then make the barn door sliders on the exterior to still keep this same historical feel. It just seems a little overkill, not to mention a garage door is worth 10 baby calves (you measure all expenditures against your assets on the ranch 🙂 ).

I am going to share one other pet peeve I am running into and you can call me crazy. Mullons inside the windows! I get it…it is easier to clean. But in the world of Taryn…easier is not better. I want the windows to be yet again…”historically correct”. So to the kind man at the window shop…I get it…I am the .1% that does not want the Mullons inside the windows.


Construction site of a new wooden building.


My Studio/Drive Through Garage

My studio/garage (I really need to come up with a better name for this) has been on hold since the Fall. We tarped her up and she is just waiting to be finished.

I have gone back and forth on the exterior of my “Garagio” (I think I have a name…she is Italian 🙂 ). At first I was thinking cedar to bring out our porch columns but now I am leaning towards a white batten board. Ask me next week and I will probably have a different answer.

The other thing….again…the doors. I want the garage doors to look more like a carriage door that is well crafted. Unfortunately, the garage door choices are not giving me the feels. I have actually pondered on having these built…crazy I know.

What I am really excited about is building the roof with these old beams we had from a railroad bridge that was torn down years ago on the ranch. My friend Kyle (aka husband), milled down all these beams and plans to mortise and tenon them like in the old days (I have me a keeper). So stay tuned on that.


Elegant carriage-style garage doors on white vertical batten house.

Wallpaper the Powder Bath

Another project I have been dreaming about for a couple years now and I just need to pick the wallpaper. I have ordered approximately 500 million wallpaper samples…the problem…they are all so beautiful! So I just need to decide. It may come down to an eneey-meeny-miny-moe thing. Here are some options I am considering…


Bathroom wallpaper and paint swatches for design options.

Wallpaper and Paint the Guest Bedroom

I love our guest bedroom on the third floor. With the ceiling angles, I think it will look amazing with a wallpapered ceiling and possible wainscoting on the walls. Here is an inspo pic I am loving.


Vintage styled bedroom with patterned wallpaper and furniture.
Photo Source: Heidi Caillier

New Vanity and Light Fixtures Guest Bathroom

When we built our house 9 years ago it was full on Joanna Gaines. I absolutely love Jo Jo don’t get me wrong but I feel my style has evolved over the years.

If you are a Jo Jo fan you may have recalled her use of an old cabinet for their guest bathroom. Well, I did something similar with a cabinet and vessel sink. It’s cute but it has lived its life. My hopes are to replace it with a new vanity that has some additional countertop space for guests. I would also love to replace the light fixtures in this space as we ended up just putting whatever light fixtures we had left over. See my initial ideas below…


Minimalist guest bathroom vanity and mirror design layout.

New Furniture Living Room

I am almost ready to pull the trigger for this one. I have my couches picked out and still debating the accent chairs. See my rendering of the new living room here.

Cozy living room interior design visualization.


Finish the Greenhouse

The frame is up and the floor is in…we just need to finish it. (Are you seeing a common theme here). My goal was to have the greenhouse up so in these long winters…I can go out there to get my Vitamin D. Well, life happened and the greenhouse didn’t get finished so cheers to another winter with limited Vitamin D.


Greenhouse and Garden


Mudroom Revamp

You can check out my post about what my dreams are for our current mudroom HERE. I would love to add in some built-ins and reconfigure the space to work more functionally for us. This room is definitely the most hard working room in our house. (And the messiest)

Change out Edging and Landscape Around our House

I started with mulch around our house but the last couple years I changed it out to rock as the Wyoming winds are not friendly to the mulch. The bad news…the rock seems to collect dirt and other stuff and to clean it is my worst nightmare. My other nightmare is the snakes that like to bask on the hot rocks in the summer! So I am pondering a new edging where we can build the beds up and go back to mulch.

Plant More Trees

We have been very fortunate that our yard has a lot of large cottonwood trees. Sadly, our hundred year old trees are starting to die.  So our goal is to channel our inner Johnny Apple Seed and start planting as many trees as we can. Plus…protect them from the deer that like to destroy them when they are just little guys.


Ok…there you have it! My 2024 LONG LIST of projects that may or may not get done. I will keep you updated on the progress.


In the meantime…let me know your projects for 2024 by replying below!



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