My Love for Checkerboard Floors

One of the “trends” that I am absolutely in love with is the use of checkerboard floors. This is a timeless trend that dates WAY BACK. There is just something about a checkerboard floor that invites me in and has a sense of interest and cozy. So many different options of color patterns and materials…I am dreaming of using this in our sunroom when we enclose the back porch!

Harlequin vs. Checkboard

I am using the two interchangeably because I love both patterns but for the sake of differentiating the two…here is more explanation.


A harlequin tile pattern is laid at a diagonal oriented at either a 90 degree angle or a 45 degree angle to a reference element (entry door or focal point).  You would often see this pattern in castles and cathedrals or larger open spaces.


Elegant dining room with black and white checkered floor.
Photo Source: Chris Loves Julia


Classic interior with wooden furniture and checkered floor.
Photo Source- Blanc Marine Living

Checkerboard Pattern

A checkerboard pattern is a more laid back look and is technically arranged on the floor in a straight pattern similar to a chess or checker game board. The tiles are usually laid out to a focal wall and the direction of the room.


Cozy cottage dining nook with natural light and checkered floor.
Photo Source: Amber Lewis


Elegant vintage sunroom with checkered floor and antique furniture.
Photo Source- Jean Stoffer


Elegant traditional room with wooden paneling and checkered floor.
Photo Source- Ray Booth


What are your thoughts? Would you do a checkerboard floor in your home?

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