Kitchen Dimensions You Should Know

kitchen with grey marble countertop


I have been designing a few different kitchens over here at Taryn Kilty Design which has been an absolute blast! I can’t wait to share them with you!

Designing the kitchen can be a bit of a nail biter. There is so much that goes into this workhorse of the home. 

Where to start

I always start with the needs of the client. Do they love to bake, want extra pantry space, open shelving, an appliance garage, storage for their knives…

Next, We Take Advantage of the Space

I always draw out the shell of the space and start dreaming up the flow of the kitchen. I imagine myself working in the kitchen and what makes sense where. I plan out cabinetry, storage, and appliance placement all while keeping in mind plumbing and functionality. 

Design tip: It is always good to know your appliances before you plan out cabinetry. Things to think about…do you want a range, built in ovens, a counter-depth fridge, appliance garage? 

If you are about to embark on a kitchen remodel or new design, I wanted to share with you some “rules of thumb” for kitchen dimensions. 

Kitchen Dimensions to Keep Top of Mind

In your planning phase, you want to keep these dimensions top of mind. 


The height of the kitchen base kitchen cabinets with countertop is 36”

counter clearance should be at least 42 inches


The island to counter clearance should be at least 42” (more if you want a lot of cooks in the kitchen)

counter clearance should be at least 42 inches 01


Open Shelves 18” above the counter is the sweet spot. Much taller and you won’t be able to reach.

open shelves depth 18 inches


Depth of open shelves, 12” is ideal to fit most large plates. Too deep and things start to get lost.

pot filler 24 inches high


Pot filler 24” high, this can be adjusted a smidge but this is general rule of thumb.

pot filler height

Additional Measurements You Will Want to Know

  • Range hood 24-30” above the range (a little more if you have a pot filler)
  • Seating overhang at the island at least 15” (you want those femurs to fit!) 
  • Lights above island 36” 

I hope you have found this helpful! If you or a friend would like some help designing their dream kitchen…I would be happy to help! I know it can feel a little overwhelming! 

You can connect with me here


What is the one item you want in your dream kitchen? Let me know below!

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