How Hiring an Interior Designer can save you money

Think hiring a designer is a luxury you can't afford? Hiring an interior designer can actually save you money in the long run. Here's how...

I know what you may be thinking: ”Hiring an interior designer is a luxury and just something I cannot afford.” The truth of the matter is, hiring an interior designer can actually help you save money in the long run, and here is why:

The Designer Discount

Similar to stores buying items at a discounted wholesale price, many designers have trade accounts that offer designers a discounted price on home items. Many designers will charge an hourly rate for their design services but share their discounted rates with clients.

Avoiding “fast furniture”

Think of fast furniture as an equivalent to H&M or Shein…you may have fun “wearing” it for a season but then the poor quality shines through and you are having to ditch that sparkly top within a year. 

The same goes for fast furniture. Let’s say you buy a sofa at a big box store because they are offering a 5 billion percent discount :). Your new purchase is not a high-quality sofa and will only last you a few years at most. In the end, you are losing money because you will need to purchase a new sofa whereas higher quality furniture can last many years (remember the in-law furniture that was passed down to you… high-quality furniture 🙂 ) 

Avoiding restocking fees

Let us return to the discounted sofa you ended up buying at the box store down the road…Larry, the furniture deliverer, delivers the sofa to your house…eek, you are so excited to see it in its new space! Larry carries the sofa in with his friend Bob, plops it down, and leaves. You think to yourself fearful to tell your husband…something just doesn’t feel quite right. You finally determine the problem, the sofa is too big for the space. 

At this point, you call the box store and they are going to charge you a 10% restocking fee to take the sofa back…yikes! Just another added expense and headache. 

The value of time

What is your time worth to you? 

It takes hours designing the space, and picking the right paint colors, tile, rugs, and furniture pieces that will fit your space (and budget)…is it worth it to pay someone else knowing this will save you money and time in the end? 

Make more money when/if you sell

It has been proven that a well-designed home sells 75% faster than a home that isn’t well-designed. In addition, it has been shown that a well-designed home actually sells for a higher price compared to comparables because people fall in love with it…fancy that! 

If you are curious about hiring an interior designer for your space, I am always up for a good brainstorming session! Get in touch and we can set up a FREE consultation


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