Finding the Perfect Bedside Lamp

I have been on the hunt finding the perfect bedside lamps for our room. These duo’s are so important to finish the look of the space and functionally…we need it! I am an avid reader before bed so I need my task lighting.

Lamps are considered a layer of lighting and a must for all spaces. What I am loving is the size and shade options they have out there these days. In addition, advanced technologies are being used to take cords away. A great option for that lamp you want in the middle of your living room maybe you didn’t plan for.  These cordless lamps utilize  magnetic, rechargeable light bulbs! WHAT! How fabulous is that!

Anywho…when deciding on a lamp, there are a few things to consider…


5 Lamp Considerations

Height of the Bedside Table

The height of your bedside lamp should complement the height of the bedside table. As a general rule, the bottom of the lampshade should be around eye level when you’re sitting in bed. This ensures that the light is directed where you need it for reading or other activities.

Bed Height

If you have a tall headboard or a higher bed, you might need a taller lamp to maintain proper proportion. Think of where the light when shining will be hitting your book in bed.

For example, our current bedside tables are makeshift ones and are too low to be honest. This puts our bed higher than our bedside tables making finding a lamp a bit trickier. Our lamp will need to be at least 31″ tall to make sense.

Lampshade Size

The size of the lampshade also matters (so many things).  A larger lampshade will generally provide more ambient light, while a smaller one may focus light in a more targeted manner. Aesthetically I think it matters too. Do you want a bigger lamp and lamp shade or does a smaller one make more sense.

I was leaning towards a cute fabric covered smaller lamp and lampshade but I was looking at my room and it would have visually been off. Sometimes just looking at the space and envisioning it will tell you exactly the dimensions you need.


I originally was thinking some type of wall sconce with a swinging arm to give us more space on the bedside tables. However, because of the two windows flanking the bed, there was not a good location to put these.

If you want a more task specific light, then maybe a swinging arm would be a better option. You can get this in lamps or sconces depending on the look you are gong for.


I am a symmetry girl at heart. So let’s say you don’t have matching bedside tables…which is just fine but I would always stick to the same style of lamps to create balance and a cohesive look.

I think back to when we were first married. My furniture and lamps were a hodge-podge mix of things (similar to the aesthetic of the Friends show apartment) because that was just the time of our life we were in.

Bonus…Aesthetically Pleasing

Earth shattering advice, I know…but they need to fit the rest of the rooms style.

In the upcoming days I will be sharing with you our bedroom reveal! In the meantime…I have rounded up some of my favorite bedside lamps! Which is your favorite?


9 of my Favorite Bedside Lamps

Variety of nine stylish bedside lamps.


Reynolds Table Lamp- $480

Ribbed Ceramic Lamp- $64

Maisie Lamp-$300

Lees Table Lamp-$600

Gannon Table Lamp-$445

Robert Kime Antique Lamp- Super expensive but amazing 

Kai Table Lamp- $600

Malta Lamp- $680

Tess Lamp- $450

There you have it folks…9 bedside table round-ups!

2 Responses

  1. I am going to use this bedside lamp advice!!
    Have you ever done an article on choosing the right lighting for living rooms/family rooms/bedrooms?
    Does the number of fixtures depend on how big the room is? Is there a “formula” for calculating this?
    There are times when I need something in the ceiling and the table/floor lamps. (the older i get, the better/more lighting i need!!)
    What styles are in?

    1. Hi Kelly! Although there isn’t a formula…there is some tips for figuring it out. 🙂 I will do a post on this…what a great idea!

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