Antique Pieces

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Photo Credit: Lauren Liess

I am a big believer in adding in some antique pieces into my designs. When everything is new, the design can feel cookie-cutter with no soul :).

The craftsmanship of an old piece that has stood the test of time, with a little wear-and-tear, that is begging to tell a story, beats any IKEA piece all day, everyday.

For example…

We were taking a roadtrip to Texas one Thanksgiving to visit family and I just had to stop at this Architectural salvage store in Wichita, KS. I found the most beautiful, 12 foot long general store seed cabinet. It was love at first sight. Of course we couldn’t haul the seed cabinet home with us so my husband told me to just think on it (which in reality we both know what is going to happen). I called the kind man who owned the store and he shipped it the next week to WY!

It is beautiful! The patina of the wood is something you could never replicate. There is old writing inside the drawers, and it is solid (just ask my husband and the four other guys it took to get in our home!)…love it!

Anywho…enough about my furniture crushing…

What I Love Shopping For

When I go hunting for a special piece, it usually just catches my eye. I don’t have to ponder the decision long as I can justify any purchase.

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Photo Credit: Prospect and Pine Home

Some pieces I love sourcing:

Old Clocks
Antique Scales
Antique Baskets
Vases and Pots
Framed Pictures and mirrors
Side tables
Chairs and Benches
Vintage Rugs

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Photo Credit: Anna Haines Design

Where to Go Shopping

So you may be asking yourself…where do you find these delightful items? Here is a list of 5 places I love sourcing from!

1) Local Antique Shops and Flea Markets

What I have learned is that these types of shops seem to always cluster in the same location in towns which thank goodness…it makes it easy to shop! You may have to wander around a little but there is usually always something you need.

2) Chairish or 1st Dibs

These websites have tons of amazing items. If you are looking for quality, unique items that you want to invest in…this would be a place to start.

3) Facebook Marketplace

You have to sort through the listings of the beefed up pick-up trucks and My Little Ponies but there are a lot of treasures on there! If your settings are set to your local zip code and you aren’t having much luck…search in nearby towns. If you aren’t afraid to drive a little then this may be your ticket!

4) Etsy

I have found some great items on Etsy lately and if shipping isn’t outrageous I think it’s a viable source for goods. (When considering shipping, I always justify my time and money it would have taken me to go retrieve the item myself) It is also easy to do a quick search and see what is out there if you have something specific in mind.

5) Road trips to antique fairs!

My ultimate favorite is a road trip with the girls to some of our favorite antique fairs such as Roundtop TX and Canton TX! I know how to navigate a trailer in the big cities folks…you better believe it!

I would rather take one of these trips than a tropical vacay (I am not saying I wouldn’t take a tropical vacay though).

We have developed relationships with the vendors and always feel at home when we go. We are considered “The Wyoming Girls” and they are always so helpful!

Hopefully you found this helpful if you have been searching for just the perfect piece! I am always happy to help find that one of a kind item for you so just reach out!


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