Always in and never out

So many fun projects happening right now! And always top of mind is deciding on materials that will stand the test of time.

As I have been pondering this “test of time” idea, I was making a note of all the things that make a home timeless. I think this is why I love old homes so much. There are so many timeless features that when brought back to life can really shine.

So…what are some things you can incorporate in your home that are always in and never out.

My Top 7 “always in, never out”

Buy a Historical Home

Let’s start with the obvious one and my favorite…buying a historical home. There is something special about historical homes. They have a soul of their own and a story to tell. Usually historical homes have beautiful finish work and fun nooks and crannies. My dream is to one day redo a historical home. For now, I will just help others create their perfect spaces.

Side note- If you aren’t following Circa Old Houses you need to! So many “save the old houses” for sale. 


Historical Home


Beautiful Finish Work

The beautiful finish work in old homes makes me giddy.  Nowadays, it costs a pretty penny to replicate beautiful finish work but worth it. I always think about how long it must have taken to hand carve all of those beautiful wood elements in a home. Definitely a labor of love.


Finish Work



Meaningful Pieces

No matter what it is…if it has meaning to you it is timeless.

I can think of so many pieces in my home that have meaning so I will always find a place for them. For instance, I have this beautiful, yet simple white ironstone pitcher that was my husbands great grandmothers. I love putting flowers in this pitcher and it brings me so much joy.


Meaningful decor


Somewhat along the lines of meaningful pieces…antiques are timeless. These pieces have stood the test of time because they were made to last with quality materials. I love the character and story behind a good antique.

For example, we have a 12 foot long seed cabinet in our main living room. This piece is always a conversation starter to new guests. No need to keep all the things, just keep the pieces that really speak to you.


Antique Seed Cabinet


Hardwood Floors

I often hear from people that they do not want hardwood floors because they want something more sustainable. I am a bit confused by this. Think of how many old store, houses, and places you have been that have the original hardwood floors? They are beautiful and I honestly love the wear and tear that they acquire over time.

Side note: I also love how real materials make you feel. Not to get all woo-woo and into the energies and such but real wood does give you a feeling that a synthetic material cannot. 


Hardwood floors

White Kitchens

I love the splash of color in kitchens these days but one thing I can say…white will always be…IN. If you look at the years before us, white has always been a thing. There is something clean and classic about a white kitchen and you are able to add some pizzaz with the hardware if you want some change.


White Kitchens


It has been all the rage to have different painted windows such as black or brown or purple 🤪 but I must say, those too will eventually go out of style. What is always in is windows that are white or wood. So it’s safe to stick with these finishes.

There are always exceptions of course. If you have steel windows that match the build of the house, I always think black or even green is fabulous. It all just depends on the house.


Steel Windows


So there you have it…all the timeless elements to add to your home!


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