5 Things You Will Never See In My Own Home as an Interior Designer

I have seen some pretty interesting things lately in the world of home renovations. It had me thinking of things I just really do not love and you probably will never see in any of my designs.


So here we go!

5 of my top “icks”

Corner sinks

I find this positioning very popular in 90’s reno’s and it is just odd. If possible, I always try to position the kitchen sink at an outdoor window or in the island. You spend a lot of time at the kitchen sink so why not have 1) good conversation or 2) a great view.

With corner sinks, it also complicates the positioning of the other “must haves” in the kitchen. In addition, if you are smashed into a corner, it makes it challenging for others to pitch in and help.

So, friends…you will not be seeing a corner sink in any of my designs.

Too small of rugs

I know the price of rugs can be a bit jarring. I have made this mistake myself when I bought a wool braided rug from Restoration Hardware several years back. But…I will let you in on a little secret, go the biggest you can to fit the space. If you don’t, your room will feel off and not grounded. If you are curious how to pick the right size rug, check out my blog post HERE.

Matching Bedroom Sets

This one really kind of makes me twitchy. I get it, the kind lady at American Furniture Warehouse gives you a great deal on the set…it was very nice of her but pass. Maybe buy the dresser or the bed but not all 5 items. The reason for this, it just feels blah and predictable. There is nothing special about the space and it falls flat.

Mix it up a bit and put a little flare and style into your room!

Paint all my walls a cool gray

Goodness…I found myself falling prey to this in the 2010’s and I have quickly painted all those grey walls in our home. Before grey, it was the contractor beige…maybe you recall this all too well. I think if grey fits your theme or style and you love it…by all means…but I am opting for more warmth and color!

Overstuffed, generic furniture with cupholders

Yikes…about every day Kyle jokingly asks me if he can have a big fluffy recliner…never, will, I ever. I get it…these pieces of furniture are comfy but the most god-awful looking things known to house man. 🙂 (If you knew the backstory of Kyle’s college recliner you would have my same feelings). Anyways…we can do better. There are so many pieces of furniture out there that have curves and are cozy so why go this route.

Bonus- Cutesy Signs

I know this may ruffle a few feathers and again, just a reminder, there are no hard rules…do as you please. But you will never see an “Eat, Laugh, Love” or whatever the popular sayings are in my home.

It takes me a century to figure out what I want on the walls of my home. I want it to be unique, special, and just speak to me and those signs just don’t speak to me.


There you have it! I am sure I could go on and on but here are my top ones for the moment as I have experienced them lately.


Do you have any “icks” you refuse to do in your home?

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