2024 Design Trends

One of our key values at Taryn Kilty Design is creating spaces that will stand the test of time. When you think of timeless interiors…trends is not the word that comes to mind as trends can come and go. (Read about how to create timeless interiors HERE)

So…I thought I would pick my favorite 10 design trends of 2024 that are timeless followed by 5 trends of 2023 I am glad are going away. 🙂

10 “Timeless” Design Trends of 2024


1. Beautiful Stones

Over the past few years, we have been seeing trends of using beautiful, natural stones in projects and I absolutely love it. Natural stone gives off so much good energy and beauty. There is also something to say about getting a one-of-a-kind stone that is not replicated over and over again. I just absolutely love the choices out there these days!

Elegant kitchen with marble countertops and wooden cabinets.
Photo Source: Shauna Walton design

2. Statement Tiles and Flooring

I could spend days looking at tile options…there are so many beautiful choices on the market! I am especially loving a checkered  floor. These floors date back to early history and still remain so beautiful! This one pictured below by Ambers Interiors is unique and beautiful! I am dreaming up a checkered floor in a sunroom space.


Cozy sunlit dining nook with checkered floor and wicker accents.
Photo Source- Amber Lewis

3. Moving Away From VERY Open Floor Plans

There has been a shift for more defined-gathering spaces and I can definitely relate. I too am having building remorse having everything so open in our home. I still love the idea of the kitchen and living space being open but my heart is still with traditional style of purposeful, defined spaces. I think there is so much soul and character to a parlor, sitting room, and dining room. So…I am pondering of a remodel in my own space.

Elegant living room with fireplace and dark wood paneling.
Photo Source- Studio Mcgee Parlor

4. High Tech Lighting

I am not much of a tech gal myself so this wouldn’t have made my list in years past. However, I have been working with DECORoom by Imagine More in Cheyenne, Wyoming and they have opened my eyes to the importance of lighting and all the amazing new things in lighting technology!

Elegant vintage bathroom with floral wallpaper and marble sink.
Photo Source: https://authenticdesigns.com/products/penelope-barker-sconce-1

5. Local Makers

I love this one! There has been a big movement to support and use local makers for items in interiors. There are so many talented individuals out there, even in a short distance from your home probably. I love the idea of supporting these individuals. Here is a local furniture maker in Sheridan, WY I cannot wait to work with…Fox Farm Design.


Woman crafting in sunlit workshop.
Photo Source-https://blog.westelm.com/2016/01/28/marfa-brands-soap/?crlt.pid=camp.PZ4ev4hPDnvh&epik=dj0yJnU9RklhOTg4QzJhWkhsNXFCbC1Ydks4Y0diRVVnMXRKNTUmcD0wJm49dmlQdjBnN3FIcWdQaVNyZHNPbUI2ZyZ0PUFBQUFBR1dhNTFJ

6. Lived In Look

No one likes a room that you feel is cold and stuffy. I think this is why I am not drawn to contemporary design as much as it just doesn’t feel like a space that would wrap me in it’s arms. The lived in look trend is so inviting. Oddly enough, it does take some design thought to make it look lived in but not messy. Think throw blankets, comfy furniture, throw pillows, books, and purposeful styling.

Cozy living room with exposed wooden beams and large window.
Photo Source: Amber Interiors

7. One of a Kind Items

I would rather go hunting for one of a kind items than lay on a beach drinking a Pina Colada. I absolutely love finding one of a kind pieces and adding them to a space. This is what brings soul to the space and sets it apart from other rooms. You can find where I like to source some of my projects HERE.

Rustic pottery and wicker furniture in spacious studio.

8. Warm Reds

One of my favorite trends this season is including warm reds into projects. If you would have told me even a year ago that red would be something I was including I may have been shocked…but I am loving the warmth and coziness of the warmer reds. Adding in red with furniture is an easy option and not going all in. I love these barrel back chairs from McGee and Co! The perfect warm red touch!

Elegant living room with stone fireplace and velvet chairs.
Photo Source- McGee and Co.

9. “Country Club” Aesthetic

I have always loved the “country club” aesthetic and I am so glad to see it is a trend rolling back in. I have always loved the Ralph Lauren, plaids and pinstripes look. In fact, when I was a little girl, I chose a neutral, Ralph Lauren pin-striped Duvet cover for my room.

Outdoor wicker furniture by tennis court in garden.
Photo Source- Studio McGee

10. Silvers Coming Back

Brass fixtures had a good run and will continue to be a classic that I will forever use and love but Silver is making a coming back and I am not sad about it. Nickels and pewters are coming in hot (not to be confused with the shiny, chrome look). I think it just goes to show that we can mix these metals and it is ok.

Elegant vintage kitchen interior with gold fixtures and plants.
Photo Source- Jean Stoffer Cabinetry


What I am glad to see go out for 2024…

There are a few things I am happy to see go away. I feel like they can still have their place occasionally but I am not sad to see them used more sparingly.

Gray everything- Thank goodness the phase of Gray everything is almost done…let’s warm this baby up!

Sliding Barn Doors- It had it’s time and I think can be done tastefully still but the barn door going into the bathroom from the master…no thank you.

Dining Benches- There are exceptions…if they have a beautiful cushion and it is more like a banquet style bench I still love it but a free standing bench on their own is just uncomfortable. (I know this because we have one currently and it is the worst!)

Boucle’-This one isn’t actually going away but I wish it would :). I just haven’t ever really been into the boucle’. I know it is loved dearly by some but as my kids would say…”it’s just my opinion”.

Fast Furniture- Thank goodness! Cheap furniture that could break with the weight of a coffee cup…I am so glad people are investing in quality made furniture that will stand the test of time.

What are some trends you are ready to see go?





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