12 Aesthetically Pleasing Cleaning Supplies for Your Home

Aesthetically pleasing cleaning supplies actually do make cleaning your house more enjoyable. Who knew?! Check out some of my favorites.

Who would have thought… prettier cleaning supplies actually do make cleaning your house more enjoyable.

It seems a bit silly as I am even typing this, but I didn’t know how much I despised using the same bright lime green microfiber cloth to clean. It’s the little things in life, right?!

I have been on a mission this year to declutter and organize our home. (Can I just say the worst part about decluttering is delivering all the “un-wantables.”) When we don’t have all the stuff, our home is less messy, and we don’t have to expend all that energy fighting our things.

So why not take this one step further and make the cleaning products both functional AND beautiful?

I have made a list of all my favorite new, beautiful, (and functional!) cleaning supplies. Find all the links below!

1. The Cutest Broom and Dustpan in the Land

This broom and dustpan are not only aesthetically pleasing, but are partially made with recycled materials as well! The two interlock, making storage super easy, and the dustpan even pivots making emptying a breeze.

Promising review:

“I wanted something that was easy to reach for in the kitchen to clean up little messes. This broom with dust pan looks cute and it’s very light weight. Even my kids can use it to help clean up – bonus!

Get this broom and dustpan on Amazon for $29.99

2. Microfiber duster

Aesthetically pleasing cleaning supplies

This microfiber duster features a replaceable head and works like a magnet to collect dust. The flexible handle can reach in the tiniest of spaces and is ideal for places like bookshelves, baseboards, celing fans, and more.

Promising review:

“I had been using a feather duster–I like to just swipe and go. Not a nit-picky duster. This thing takes lazy-dusting to a NEW LEVEL! It is so thin it fits easily behind things, and long enough that I can swipe it across computer/tv screens. Best perk–it picks up EVERY SPECK OF DUST. I didn’t realize how much my feather duster missed/blew around. This thing locks dust in. I can run it in the tight crevices of book bins and grab cobwebs off of chandelier arms–I even run it across the glass and mullions of windows… it’s magical.”

Get the duster on Amazon for $21.49

3. Refillable spray bottles

These pretty bottles are environmentally friendly, made from glass with minimal use of plastic, and will fit perfectly in your collection of cleaning supplies. The bottom of each bottle features a non-slip silicone sleeve and the nozzles allow for wide spray or jet spray settings. The bottles are available in a variety of colors so you can pick one that matches your home and aesthetic.

Promising review:

“These bottles have a sturdy thick glass, a good silicone base for shock protection and grip, and most importantly, a really good feeling spray head. I have gone through a number of cheap dollar or two bottles and the spray heads always fall apart on me (when they even work at all) after a few days of use. This bottle has made it a month of frequent use. If you want something sturdy that you can keep on your work surface and looks like a tool meant to be there, this is the bottle for you.”

Get these aesthetic spray bottles on Amazon for $32.99

4. My saving grace of a vacuum

This Dyson vacuum is cord and hassle-free with a powerful suction that lasts up to 40 minutes and a washable filter. It’s lightweight and versatile, making it easy for a quick home cleaning. This model is designed to clean homes with pets and features various attachments for cleaning harder-to-reach spaces.

Promising review:

“So glad I purchased this. It works across all surfaces with different attachments. The charging stand makes it so easy to always keep it fully charged so I can just grab it whenever I need it. Lightweight and has worked great on my carpet and hardwood floors with 4 pets.”

Get this exact vacuum on Amazon for $399.99

5. This exact steam cleaner… (amazing!)

Steam cleaner for your home

This steam cleaner by Bissell is perfect for cleaning and sanitizing your home. Available with multi-surface cleaning tools including a jet nozzle, round bristle brushes, grout and flat scraper tools, and an angle concentrator tool, your home is sure to be spotless in no time.

Promising review:

“It took only moments to clean off all the stuck on dust and dirt and I was extremely happy and impressed. This Steamshot did it all for me, from my baseboards, floor areas, tub base, and more… I put the grout cleaner on and a few shots of steam several times around and I wanted to cry of joy. The mold that we weren’t able to get off was gone. It also took the mineral deposits off around the faucet. Just for the feeling of finally having a really clean bathroom in my apartment made me so happy and was worth more than the money I paid for this.”

Get my favorite steam cleaner on Amazon for $36.04

6. Microfiber cleaning rags that aren’t lime green

neutral cleaning rags for your home

These microfibers cloths are available in different-sized packs according to what you’re looking for and measure 12″ x 12″. The microfiber cloths are multi-purpose, they can be used as an alternative to paper towels, as a small kitchen towel, or in place of a sponge or dish brush.

Promising review:

“Who knew these dishcloths would make me so happy? It’s the little things I guess. Great quality!”

Get these neutral microfiber cloths on Amazon for $9.79

7. Wall mounted gribber thingy to hold your cleaning supplies

hanging cleaning supplies storage

These wall mounts will help you save room when storing your cleaning supplies, and they don’t look bad while doing it! Each hook is stable and has strong glue adhesives for walls and doors with silicone grips to keep your tools from slipping. These hooks save space and help your supply storage closet look clean and organized too!

Promising review:

“I wanted to organize my cleaning closet after building a new house, so I bought these. They were extremely easy to put up, even for a 64-year-old. I was able to attach everything I had with ease. It’s been four months now and they are still like the day I put them up. I have tried other hooks, which did not work, so I highly recommend these. One of the best organization items I bought off of Amazon last year.”

Get these wall mounts on Amazon for $9.99

8. Natural brushes for dishwashing

aesthetically pleasing eco friendly cleaning brushes

These dish brushes gently scrub dishware, glassware, pots, pans, and anything and everything in between! The natural scrub bristles are made from beechwood and fiber and are durable. Each package comes with a dish brush and 2 replacement heads to help your housework and cleaning lost longer.

Promising review:

“This little brush is super cute! We wanted something we can compost after it breaks instead of buying all these plastic brushes. This has yet to break but it gives us peace of mind knowing it won’t go in a landfill!”

Get your eco friendly dish brushes on Amazon for $12.99

9. White cleaning gloves, a staple for your cleaning supplies collection.

white cleaning gloves for home cleaning

These white cleaning cloves have a cloud-soft lining and are latex and phthalate-free. With a 12″ cuff, these gloves will prevent you from getting your hands dirty while cleaning around your home.

Promising review:

“These are more comfortable than any other gloves, with a very soft lining. They are durable, go up high enough on your arm to prevent drip down, and they have a GREAT FEEL! I can tell if the dish is clean through them… My eczema-stricken hands love them!” I don’t get it when I use gloves.”

Grab yourself a pair of cleaning gloves from Amazon for $7.97

10. Wicker laundry basket

cute laundry basket

This hand-woven, sturdy wicker laundry basket features two handles for easy transportation when carrying a single load of clothing. The basket features a removable, washable liner that protects delicate clothing from snags.

Promising review:

“I have this basket in the corner of my bedroom, and it matches my décor perfectly! It is just large enough to put one day’s worth of dirty clothes in it. I have a larger, sectioned hamper in the laundry room into which I sort from this basket. This basket is a convenient size to have in a bathroom or bedroom and then carry to the laundry room.”

Get this aesthetic laundry basket on Amazon for $103.99

11. Storage caddy to hold all your pretty cleaning supplies

neutral storage caddy for cleaning supplies

This aesthetic caddy is perfect to hold your cleaning supplies. With a strong, moveable handle for easy transport, you can carry the caddy around the house as you clean. Get rid of clutter and make your under-sink cabinets or whatever space that’s currently cluttered a little tidier!

Promising review:

“I’ve been looking for something aesthetically pleasing and that has drain holes for my items to take into the shower with me and this is perfect. It’s very big so I’d figure it’d be perfect for college dorm showers. Very pleased”

Get this cute storage caddy for your home from Amazon for $15.99

12. Cute step ladder

step ladder for home

This step ladder has an aluminum frame and is strong and durable. The side cross brace structure strengthens the support for a larger weight limit. The wide pedals and non-slip feet prevent slipping and keep the floor from scratching. It even folds to fit compactly into a narrow space or under the bed.

Promising review:

“I bought this ladder for my closet to reach my shoes in the upper part of my closet. It literally looks like a piece of art. Something I can leave sitting out and not having to fold and hide. Love it!!”

Get this step ladder on Amazon for $79.99

I hope you love these items as much as I do, and seriously, if you ever find that more beautiful cleaning supplies make cleaning more enjoyable for you, by all means, let me know!


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