10 Places to Shop for Bedding

It is company season over here at Bar X Ranch and I love every minute of it!

I have always been one to love to host. Ever since I was a little girl, I loved having friends over and making our home their home away from home. (thanks mom)

This past week I went into full blown crazy project lady mode with the anticipation of a few rounds of company coming next week! I work better under pressure  but I am slightly kicking myself for not doing some of these projects this past winter.

So…I am painting the guest bedroom, getting all new furniture, and bedding…doesn’t that make sense?!

Side note: I am also fighting off the miller’s this year…so if anyone has any remedies for this please let me know how to get rid of these disgusting flying insects! 

I always want guests to have a good nights rest when they come to our house so I like layering the bedding so they can adjust as they see fit.

For the most part, I always have white sheets. I just think they feel crisp and clean (I also like bleaching our sheets). But much past that…anything goes! I love mixing colors and patterns…it just creates a more interesting space.

Layers, layers, layers! Who doesn’t like a bed that looks like you could just hop on in and it would cocoon you for days? I accomplish this with lots of layers. After the sheets I always like to have a duvet with a fun duvet cover. Next up…a cute quilt and throw at the end of the bed.

Here are 10 Places I am shopping for bedding these days!

Bedding Favorites

Piglet in Bed




The Company Store

Boll and Branch

Zara Home


Pottery Barn



What type of sheets do you prefer? Cotton, linen, percale? I would love to know so reply to this blog!

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