10 of my favorite nightstands

10 of my favorite nightstands

Design by Studio Laloc

Is it just me or is the nightstand always the last piece of furniture chosen in a room and it’s usually just a willy-nilly decision because A) you may not have enough funds left in the budget or B) you are just kind of over it at that point.

I have grown to love the cute little furniture pieces and through experience, I need some storage in these little babies for all my nightly treasures: books, bluelight glasses, lotion, note pads (I am a nerd and take notes when I read), and so much more.

Here are 3 tips when choosing your nightstands:

  • Scale is key-Your nightstand should be between 25-35% the width of your bed to feel balanced. This also doesn’t mean they need to match but have similar balance.
  • The height- I like a little lower of a nightstand in case I get a little crazy at night with my hand or pillows. You don’t want to wake up to knocking over a glass of water in the night.
  • Consider storage-My current nightstands are sweet but they don’t have storage to tuck all my treasures in. This unfortunately leads to collecting clutter on and around my nightstand…I am hunting for new ones!

Here are 10 of my favorite nightstands to match any budget

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